Our Story

From Founder and Executive Director, Gabriel Grove:

For Her Sake’s story began back in 2006 when I found myself and three of my children at the doorstep of People‚Äôs Emergency Center- a temporary housing shelter for women and their children in Philadelphia. During that point in my life, I needed a helping hand and was grateful they were there to extend the basic needs often times we take for granted.

We only resided at PEC for six months, but during that time I was able to save money for a new home, get back on my feet, and try to regain a sense of normalcy for myself and children. Hardly anyone knew we were there. I got up every morning, took them to daycare and went off to work as usual, but during that time with urgency to move somewhere permanent we could call home. They were too small to be aware of their surroundings and until this day don’t remember we were there, but I try to instill in them the importance of gratitude and giving in charity.

I always kept in the back of my mind the need to return there not as a resident, but as someone who understands that women who face homelessness deserve hope and a chance to take back their independence and self-sufficiency. Women aren’t homeless because they choose to be, but because they find themselves in situations beyond their control. Some are running from abusive relationships, some lost their jobs and the bills became too much of a burden to bare; while others are there because unfortunately homelessness has become an epidemic and vicious cycle in our society and the only way to break it is to institute resources like job training, education, social and economic counseling, and affordable housing for the under represented and often times the forgotten.

My non profit organization For Her Sake Foundation, Inc. was birthed from my experiences as a mother and woman who faced homelessness. The short term mission of For Her Sake is to gather monetary donations in order to purchase toiletries for women and children at shelters in Philadelphia. My long term mission is to actually have a shelter of my own that temporarily houses women until they are able to get back on their feet. This weekend with the generous donations from others, I was able to purchase toiletries for women and their kids at PEC. I am humbly grateful to all those who gave selflessly. What I know for sure, is that we all have a story inside us and more often than not, our stories can help change the trajectory of someone else’s life if we are willing to live authentically with purpose and passion!

~ Gabriel Grove

For Her Sake Foundation, Inc.
Founder and Executive Director